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Pricing for True Colors or Myers-Briggs* Workshops

We provide all customers with a full proposal of services upon request for workshop pricing. The proposal will include everything you need to get your event approved by management, including an ROI calculator.

Below are some pricing guidelines, once we have spoken with you on the phone and understand what will make a great event for you and your coworkers we will send you the detailed proposal the same day.

Post Event Consulting & Support Services

In order to ingrain the concepts from your workshop into the culture of your organization or a team, we recommend ongoing review of the concepts and ideals taught and demonstrated in the workshops.

Monthly Conference Calls:

Twelve (12) monthly one hour conference calls - $1,200.00

Calls will consist of 15-20 minutes review of a topic with 10-15 minutes of question and answer.
Example topics for the 12 calls are: How each type communicates, How each type uses time, How to leverage different types, etc.

Monthly - Breakfast or Lunch and Learn Sessions:

Twelve (12) monthly one (1) hour sessions - $1,500.00

(does not include food or location costs). Each session will cover a particular topic and allow for a general questions and answer session.

Management Phone Support Packs:

Allow the manager or their staff to contact our consultants directly. A support call or e-mail is defined as one individual with an unlimited number of questions per thread/concept, with unlimited time. In other words the call is not complete until the participant is completely satisfied with the answer.

Please contact us for a personalized proposal at [email protected]

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