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Asked to find True Colors Personality Workshop to be part of an offsite team meeting?

Has someone said, “The number one danger in achieving the goals or vision is communication?

Are any of the projects falling behind? Could this be because people are playing “The Blame Game” (people blaming one another) or doing end runs around management (The Mutinous Environment)?

Does management believe the group needs to make a “Big Shift” and get back on track and start working as a team again?

In summary did they say, on top of finding something to solve these problems make sure it is FUN?

A common belief is that a typical indoor teambuilding activities will solve all these problems; however, most times they focus ONLY on "how" people communicate.

While these workshops are good and do produce some results; it will NOT produce the "Big Shift" management is looking for!


Well there are two types of communication problems, the first and most commonly addressed is "how" it was said. Which are addressed by every Toronto team building meeting and communication workshop and does produce some results.

People can consciously change how they communicate when they take the time to consider how the recipient prefers to receive the message. However, in times of stress or when working quickly they will most likely communicate how they naturally communicate which will most likely not be the preference of the recipient. This is why communication workshops produce some results, some of the time.

The second and often overlooked communication problem is to be able to identify what has not been said. This is typically the root behind the statement about not being able to achieve the goals/vision because of communication, and usually the reason behind “The Blame Game” and “Mutinous Environment”.

The solution is to learn some new skills that we have developed to combat this exact problem. These include “The 4 Levels of Authority™”, “The 10 Conditions of Ownership™”, and “The BAD words in Communication™”. These communication tools and the management techniques can be used to improve the everyday types of communication like emails, voicemails. These tools are exceptionally handy with cross-functional project plans in clarifying who is doing exactly what, and how by when.

For example, one reason things don’t get done is because people believe they can give ownership. The common expression everyone has heard is “Well I gave so and so ownership.” The real question is, “Did the person who was given the ownership reach out and take it?” Most times the answer is no. The reason the answer is no is because one or more of "The 10 Conditions of Ownership" was violated. You cannot give ownership away, but you can setup the situation so that someone will be interested in taking it.

These communication tools also help with negotiating up and down within an organization, and clarifying expectations with external members of a project team.

This team building and communication workshop solution has worked well for other customers that have expressed their issue as “communication”.

"Thank you again for a great session. The feedback was excellent and everyone enjoyed the discussions."
Angela Lembcke-Contant - Manager, Benefit Services - EDS, an HP company

Since all we are doing is adding some important communication tools and strategies to an already proven team building workshop you are guaranteed that your group is going to have fun learning about themselves, and the others, while at the same time solving some of the core issues holding your group back

Contact us toll free to talk about your situation and what we can do to help you be successful in putting together a great offsite meeting that will produce the "Big Shift" management is looking for.

Below is an example of a one day agenda for a multiple day offsite that includes our unique content. This can and has been trimmed down to fit a half day for one day offsites that have some business items to cover in the afternoon.

Example one day True Colors Personality workshop agenda:

Introduction of the Leader
Goals and Objectives
Introduction of the participants
Temperament Theory-History of True Colors Personality Assessment

  • Individual Exercise: Discovering your True Colors
  • Paired Exercise: Sharing your True Colors results
    • Participants start experiencing right away that their co-workers approach things differently.

Working with others of your brightest True Color

  • Group Exercise: Values, Joys, Strengths, Needs (Stressors & Frustrations) & Sharing Results
    • Participants are broken up into groups of the same True Color; the True Color groups complete the exercise and share their results. Producing the awe ha moments, and the “that explains everything” insights.
  • Group Discussion/Debrief – Stressors & Frustrations
    • Participants find out exactly why they have seen the behaviors, and more importantly what generates them. An example would be the definition of “On time” as defined by each color group.

Working with the other True Colors (teamwork)

  • Introduction of the Team Building Model
    • Shows what you need to become a true team
  • Group Exercise: Why do we need all 4 True Colors?
    • Demonstrates why all four True Colors compliment one another on a team.
  • Group Exercise: You have all 4 True Colors within you!
    • How to use your brightest and palest True Color.


Workshop Materials:

    * True Colors - Keys to Personal Success - Booklet
          o Includes True Color cards & color calculator
          o Information on the four True Colors
          o How to work and interact with others

    * Workshop Presentation notes
          o The 10 Conditions for Ownership™
          o The 4 Levels of Authority™
          o The Bad words of Communication™
          o How to stop conflict before it starts

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