"After completing the Kolbe and True Colors assessments, Gary helped me to interpret the results and therefore have a bettering understanding of my natural communication style. As a writer, this gave me valuable tools that I can apply when marketing my skills."
Marnie Hughes, Communication Artistry

The objective at The Soft Skills Expert is to help others discover their natural abilities (DNA) in order to become more successful in business and in life. Here at The Soft Skills Expert we are following a lifetime passion for helping others identify and understand their natural strengths so they can achieve more.


Soft Skills Expert provides programs that help organizations build a winning culture based on natural strengths.  These programs include administering assessment questionnaires from the True Colors and Myers-Briggs systems.  We then work with the client to take the results report produced and assist in the interpretation of the natural abilities discovered.  Soft Skills Expert help the client to make the links between what the assessment says about them and what elements of their behaviour and personality they apply to. We then work with the client to develop an improvement plan that will get the right combination of skills in place for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Soft Skills Expert helps improve the quality of communication internally and externally for overall corporate improvement.  We will review the client’s communication processes and offer suggestions and alternatives to perfect them.  We target communication obstacles between employees as well as the company’s external communication tools such as marketing materials, information documents, website content, and business letters and reports.

For organizations operating under a team structure, Soft Skills Expert will help assemble winning teams that incorporate individuals who display strengths in different areas.  We will also use this formula to diagnose and treat underperforming teams

Soft Skills Expert will share with the client their efficiency model of delegation and will teach the client how to get things done through the appropriate designation of tasks to the individual most capable of timely and accurate completion.

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